a 6 bedroom house surveyed for only £495

*This is a guide price and excludes expenses such as travel - please contact us for more information and pricing.

Planscription Surveys use the revolutionary new Planscriber system, which means our surveys take a fraction of the time compared with conventional methods. read more...

Planscription Surveys specialises in drawing precise plans of difficult and awkward properties. As anyone who has surveyed old houses will know, walls are almost never straight and angles are hardly ever right.
Trying to produce a plan for a house like the example above with traditional methods can be an absolute nightmare. The Planscription system, however, makes it easy and quick, which means competitive prices for you.






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an example of a Planscription Surveys plan



The precision and detail of Planscription Surveys' plans needs to be seen to be appreciated. The level of detail enables better decisions to be made and reduced time on projects when it comes to 'snagging-in' and other similar tasks that can be diffcult to predict.


With accurate plans you can protect yourself from potentially expensive and unpleasant surprises.